Artex Energy Group LLC is a privately-owned, pure-play Utica Shale exploration and production company operating in eastern Ohio. Our approach is seismically-driven and technology-based. We are managed by long-time Ohio operator, Artex Oil Company.

In 2011, we entered into an industry joint venture with a major independent oil company to develop our Utica Shale leasehold rights. Together we drilled seven horizontal Utica Shale wells, collected significant scientific data, and acquired additional leasehold interests in Eastern Ohio. We unwound the industry joint venture in late 2014.

We own and operate over 200,000 net leasehold acres and six horizontal Utica Shale wells. We have over 450 square miles of 3D seismic and over 1,000 miles of 2D seismic.

In addition, we own non-operating working interests in Utica Shale wells in Noble County, Ohio operated by Antero Resources.