Location of our Utica Shale wells and the seismic surveys

Our horizontal Utica Shale wells, drilled under our industry joint venture, were among the first drilled in the play. From our extensive Ohio deep exploration experience and the data collected from the wells, we suspected these early laterals were drilled out of the pay zone. 

After unwinding the industry joint venture, we assumed operations and immediately conducted 2D and 3D seismic surveys (see map). This work proved that all of the wells were drilled entirely or substantially out of the pay zone (see seismic panel). Wells that contacted the pay zone perform better. Thus, lateral placement is critical to optimal production. 

We will incorporate our 3D seismic to design and drill longer laterals placed optimally in the pay zone and complete those laterals utilizing optimized completion methods. Implementing this approach, we will optimize oil and gas production from our extensive leasehold position.

Actual seismic panel for a joint venture well confirming lateral drilled entirely out of Pay Zone